Winter (haiku)

You speak and I fear Your words, get lost in air, As winter is here.

Source: Winter (haiku)


what if?

I think I’m like you.-I feel connected to you

if we connect, understand & like each other, why can’t we be more?

if we are in tune with one another, enjoy one another, help each other grow, why can’t we be more?

if we are compatible with a similar mindset, why not be more?

why can’t we make new ground? 

why can’t we be real friends (outside ur office) & enjoy our friendship? 

Or break the rules? If it makes us happy ( after much unhappiness) why not? 

I think you feel close to what I feel,I think you are in denial, and don’t want to admit how much you care.

we are both smart, curious, intellectual people who should be able to be friendly and enjoy each other’s company, more than twice a week

life is too short

What if we can make each other happy?